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TARU – Durable Eco-Friendly Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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Brand :- Maraal
Product Name:- TARU – Dedication Yoga Mat
Summary :-UOur most sought after yoga mat. Made from 100% plant based Cork and natural rubber.
Features :- Self-cleaning, antimicrobial, biodegradable, durable, impermeable to moisture, Vegan. This Cork yoga mat offers unmatched grip during sweaty practice. This yoga mat is versatile and is good for everyday practice but is a must for Hot Yoga, Oxygen Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga, Doga Yoga, Beer Yoga, High Yoga
Product Size :- 183*61cm*5mm
Size :- 183*61cm*6mm
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2 reviews for TARU – Durable Eco-Friendly Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

  1. Daphney

    I just bought this mat on Amazon It is absolutely beautiful and amazing it is very thick (I choose 6mm) so great support for the knees. You have to wet it before you use it and then you have good grip and won’t need a towel, I absolutely recommend!

    • Maraal

      Hello Daphney, Thank You very much for the positive review. May we ask you to copy this review on Amazon as well. Your positive reviews go a long way in supporting Canadian businesses like us.
      Thank You

  2. Zara

    I purchased this mat on Amazon. It is high quality, heavy and has great cushioning. It has good grip and doesn’t slip on the floor. The all natural material is the main reason I purchased this mat. Thank you for providing this product.

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