TARU Dedication (Lotus)– Eco-Friendly Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat


Brand :- Maraal
Product Name:- TARU Dedication Yoga Mat- Lotus
Summary :- Maraal Canada’s Organic Cork & Tree Rubber Perfect Size Mat (NO TPE, PVC, PU or Artificial Material), Non Slip, Extra Cushion, Anti Microbial, Bio-Degradable, Double Sided, Yoga, Pilates, Exercise Mat 72″x 24″x 5 MM
Features :-
PERFECT SIZE & HIGH DENSITY RUBBER – This Mat is just the prefect size for Home/ Studio, Outdoor. It provides the optimal space & thickness for ease of movement & reduced exercise stress. Dense rubber means more stability of body with great cushioning for comfortable practise for all yoga types (Hot, Vinyasa, Bikram or water) & support for joints & to all yogis from beginners to professional/experts.
NON-SLIP, DURABLE & DOUBLE SIDED– Unmatched grip during sweaty practice as cork has a high friction coefficient. The cork surface increases grip when wet. 100% pure rubber base has a high traction for “sticky” grip on the floor. It can withstand; repeated usage even in extreme conditions.
ECO FRIENDLY & NON-TOXIC- Virgin Tree Rubber & 100% Organic (FSC certified) Cork – We use cork sheets not cork cloth. Cork is naturally antimicrobial & Natural Tree Rubber is Anti-Bacterial, Biodegradable, dust mite resistant, feel the spiritual connection to earth knowing that your yoga mat is free of off-gasing glue, TPE, PVC, PU, EVA or any such obscure acronyms & no trees were harmed in its making.
Easy Clean– Wipe your Maraal Mat with a wet towel or just rinse with clean water. Do not use any sharp objects to clean.
Material– Organic Cork & Natural Rubber
Product Size :- 72”x24”x5mm
Weight :- 3.1kg


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