TARU Dedication (Mandala) – Long, Wide & Thick- Organic Cork And Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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Brand :- Maraal
Product Name:- TARU Dedication (Mandala) – Long, Wide & Thick
Summary :- Maraal Canada’s Organic Cork & Tree Rubber Wide & Thick Mat (NO TPE, PVC, PU or Artificial Material), Non Slip, Extra Cushion, Anti Microbial, Bio-degradable, Double Sided, Yoga, Pilates, Exercise Mat 72″x 26″x 6 MM

Features :-
MORE SPACE & THICKNESS & HIGH DENSITY RUBBER – The mat gives you “”MORE”” than any other mat in market. Dense rubber means more stability of body with great cushioning for comfortable practise for all yoga types (Hot, Vinyasa, Bikram or water) & support for joints & to all yogis from beginners to professional/experts. This Mat provides the optimal space & thickness for ease of movement & reduced exercise stress.
NON-SLIP DURABLE & DOUBLE SIDED– Unmatched grip during sweaty practice as cork has a high friction coefficient. The cork surface increases grip when wet. 100% pure rubber base has a high traction for “”sticky”” grip on the floor. It can withstand repeated usage even in extreme conditions.
ECO FRIENDLY & NON-TOXIC- Virgin Tree Rubber & 100% Organic (FSC certified) Cork – We use cork sheets not cork cloth. Cork is naturally antimicrobial & Natural Tree Rubber is Anti-Bacterial, Biodegradable, dust mite resistant, feel the spiritual connection to earth knowing that your yoga mat is free of off-gasing glue, TPE, PVC, PU, EVA or any such obscure acronyms & no trees were harmed in its making. ”
Material :- 100% plant based Cork and Natural Rubber.
Product Size :- 72”x26”x6mm
Weight :- 3.4kg
Easy Clean– Wipe your Maraal Mat with a wet towel or just rinse with clean water. Do not use any sharp objects to clean.


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