About Andrea Leplae

I have practiced yoga for 30 years.

These are my favourite mats by far and I love working with Maraal, as my sole supplier of yoga mats. I own 14 of their mats, both for personal use and to offer my students in my studio space. They are at my top recommendation for students. The 6mm cork and natural rubber are a whole other world above other mats in terms of quality and environmental sustainability. The dimensions are better, the finish is high-quality and the practice surface is superior. They have proved durable with more than daily use for a year now.

I prefer an all-natural surface to practice on, and nothing beats these cork mats. I use them for Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Other cork mats are synthetic rubber, but they don’t tell you that. These from Maraal are actual tree rubber. My yoga and Pilates students love these mats for their superior cushioning, all-natural practice surface, and anti-microbial properties. I sanitize these mats with Teatree oil spray.

I also own several of the microfibre mats. These are best suited to sweaty practices such as Vinyasa, Power and Hot Yoga, or anything near water, such as on the dock at the cottage or poolside. I’m very excited to be soon ‘test-driving’ Maraal’s new mat made from jute/hemp, rubber, and food-grade silicone. This is a truly unique product, that should give superior grip and offer more portability. I would not hesitate to recommend the full range of mats Maraal offers, and I’m open to any questions regarding them to anyone who is researching an investment of a superior yoga or Pilates practice surface.

Namaste 🙏🏽

Andrea Leplae

Yoga & Pilates Teacher

About Sarah

When we take time to merge breath and movement consciously, we are doing yoga. We look to find a sacred space, for many of us that is our yoga mat. Yet we don’t realize that the quality of our mat matters.

I have been using Jute yoga mat for the last several month, and it has quickly become my favourite. Not only is the quality fantastic, it is super cute and stylish. Maraal also offer a fabulous cork mat. Slightly lighter in weight, which also has fun designs, and super easy to clean.

Having practice yoga for over 12years, and teaching it now for three. I have gone through and seen my share of mats. These mats are amazing. A good mat is a good investment!

Sarah Birks
Yoga Teacher
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